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Founded in 2001, Silk Way Airlines is a leading cargo carrier serving a network of charter destinations worldwide.

Many years ago, Azerbaijan needed its own air cargo company as part of a wider strategy to establish its economic independence and leadership in the region; thus, in the early 2000s, Silk Way Airlines was created. Silk Way Airlines – Passion Movers, was born out of passion for Azerbaijan. Passion is an intense primal human emotion, as it deeply connects people to a purpose. In other words, when Silk Way Airlines moves cargo, that cargo is moved by passion.

The carrier currently operates five Ilyushin aircraft, including two IL-76TD-90 type aircraft equipped with PS-90A engines compliant with ICAO Annex 16 Chapter 4 noise standard.

Today, the airline provides cost-effective solutions to different cargo transportation needs and have extensive experience in areas not accessible by scheduled flights, in addition to regular flights on intercontinental routes that extend throughout Asia and Europe from its centrally located hub in Baku. Silk Way Airlines work with governments and NGOs from all over the world to provide solutions to any request, no matter how complex. The dedicated personnel at Silk Way Airlines continue to build the company's reputation based on a commitment to safety and reliability.

Silk Way Airlines is a part of Silk Way Group, which consists of three companies – Silk Way Airlines, Silk Way West Airlines and Silk Way Technics.


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