Ilyushin IL-76 TD-90

  • Stage 4 Noise Compliant IL76 TD-90SW
  • Aircraft equipped with PS-90A-76 engines
  • Complies with ICAO noise, emission and other environmental standards, which will also reduce fuel burn by 13 - 17%


Flightcrew of five including two pilots, flight engineer, navigator and radio operator, plus two freight handlers. Il-76MP firefighting conversion can carry 44 tonnes (97,000lb) of fire retardant in two tanks.


Engine Make & Model PS-90A-76 by-pass turbojet
Engine Layout 4 Jet
Max Take-Off Thrust (International Standard Atmosphere, Н=0) (kg) 4 x 12000

Weights & Volumes

IL-76T Max Take-off Weight (t) 176,901kg (390,00lb).
IL-76TD Max Payload (t) 453,600kg (100,000lb).


Wing Span 50.50m (165ft 8in)
Length 46.59m (152ft 10in)
Height 14.76m (48ft 5in)
Wing Area 300.0m2 (3229.2sq ft).
IL-76MF Same except for length which is approx 53m (174ft).