Ilyushin IL-76


Flightcrew of five including two pilots, flight engineer, navigator and radio operator, plus two freight handlers. Il-76MP firefighting conversion can carry 44 tonnes (97,000lb) of fire retardant in two tanks.


Engine Make & Model D30-KP ser.2 by-pass turbojet engine
Engine Layout 4 Jet
Max Take-Off Thrust (International Standard Atmosphere, Н=0) (kg) 4 x 12000

Weights & Volumes

IL-76T Max Take-off Weight (t) 170,000kg (374,785lb).
IL-76TD Max Payload (t) 190,000kg (418,875lb).
IL-76MF Operating empty 101,000kg (222,665lb), max payload 52,000kg (114,640lb), max takeoff 200,000kg (440,925lb).


Wing Span 50.50m (165ft 8in)
Length 46.59m (152ft 10in)
Height 14.76m (48ft 5in)
Wing Area 300.0m2 (3229.2sq ft).
IL-76MF Same except for length which is approx 53m (174ft).