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Information from Azerbaijan State Civil Aviation Administration

An aviation accident has happened during the take-off of An-12 aircraft on May 18, at 14:30 local time at Dwyer airport of Afghanistan.

The aircraft had been leased from “Silk Way” company with the purpose of carrying out freight transportation within the territory of Afghanistan. The aircraft that arrived in Dwyer from Bagram (Afghanistan) had departed to the city of Mari (Turkmenistan) for refueling. There was no freight on the board of the aircraft.

Nine crew members were present on the board of the aircraft.

  1. Shaydanov Rashid Rahmanovich (Uzbekistan citizen), the captain of the aircraft, 1953.
  2. Abdullayev Altay Ogtay oglu (Azerbaijan citizen), the second pilot, 1971.
  3. Asadullayev Nazim Orujali oglu (Azerbaijan citizen), the navigator, 1968.
  4. Rzayev Nadir Adigozal oglu (Azerbaijan citizen), the flight engineer, 1964.
  5. Shahverdiyev Firdovsi Shir oglu (Azerbaijan citizen), the radio operator, 1964.
  6. Zulfiyev Azer Aghakishi oglu (Azerbaijan citizen), the flight operator, 1973.
  7. Zadnipryanets Ruslan Vladimirovich (Ukrainian citizen), the technician, 1969.
  8. Qanja Andrey Nikolayevich (Ukrainian citizen), the technician, 1955.
  9. Aliyev Ramzi Mamudovich (Ukrainian citizen), the technician, 1963.


According to the information obtained, the technicians Qanja Andrey and Aliyev Ramzi have survived the accident. Their condition is considered to be satisfactory.

Azerbaijan State Civil Aviation Administration has established a commission to investigate the accident. At present, Mukhtar Karimov, the chairman of the commission, the head of the department of Azerbaijan State Civil Aviation Administration and the members of the commission have parted for Dwyer airport to take part in the investigation of the accident.

“Silk Way” Airlines present their deepest condolences to the families and friends of those killed in the plane crash.