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Silk Way Airlines Ilyushin IL-76

Silk Way Airlines Ilyushin IL-76, on behalf of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), registration 4K-AZ55 operated a freight flight from Baku (Azerbaijan) to Bagram Air Force Base (Afghanistan) with 9 crew and 18 tones of cargo (automobiles and trailers), was on approach to Bagram's Air Force Base, located about 22.5 nm north of Kabul, when radar contact was lost with the aircraft. The aircraft was flying about 13.5nm from Kabul descending through 4000 meters/13000 feet at around 00:10L (19:40Z Jul 5th), no emergency call and no report about any anomaly had been received from the crew. The aircraft was located, in flames, on a mountain side near Akhshay in the Ghorband/Syahgerd district at 3800 meters of elevation.